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We Are Central Florida’s Largest Cichlid Retailer!

  • Over 30 Years Experience – We have over 30 years of experience breeding, raising and selling tropical fish.
  • Over 30,000 Gallons – On site there are over 30,000 gallons of frshwater that are filled with beautifully colored tropical fish.
  • Freshwater Tropical Fish – We specialize in cichlids but we also carry a huge assortment of freshwater fish.
  • Tank Maintenance – We install & maintain tanks throughout most of Volusia County, FL.
  • Dry Goods – We are a one stop shop for your tropical fish but we also have a nice selection of dry goods including food, decorations, pumps & other supplies.

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"Biggest selection of cichlids"

I drove from Jacksonville to visit the store for the first time. From the moment you walk in the door, you know the place has the biggest selection of cichlids in northeast Florida. The store manager Billy was busy putting away fish when we arrived but he still took the time to stop and explain the different fish he had, and he answered any question we had. Billy even took the time to go over a book of cichlids with us. Even though this was my first visit it wont be my last. If you need any type of cichlid this is the place to go.

- Steve, Florida

"Everything went great"

Just giving you the heads up that I received the fish and everything went great. Also, I wanted to say that the large dolphin manda you sent is true to your word - awesome show male. Thanks for a great experience. I definitely won't hesitate to buy from you guys again.

- James, California

"Thank you!"

Thank you! They arrived alive and at perfect timing. I'm so pleased. I'll be back for more in the future. Thanks again 🙂

- Alex, Tennessee

"Happy with size and appearance of the fish"

The fish arrived at 11am in good order, despite the best efforts of my crabby post-lady! They are currently getting used to a 29g isolation tank while I work on making room in the Ruby Green's 75g for them. I was very happy with size and appearance of the fish, and was happy with the good communication and transaction between us. Thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again.

- Steve, Ohio

"Thanks to Gary & Billy"

Thanks to Gary & Billy, Billy was helpful in answering a question via email and Gary spent a bunch of time with my son and I as we drove down from Jacksonville to get 10 cichlids for our 120g tank

- Andrew, Florida

"Absolutely stunning fish"

WOW!!! Absolutely stunning fish. Billy really helped out in picking a nice group of cichlids to go along with what i already had. Great communication and a definite enjoyable experience. You have a customer for life. Thanks!

- Rickey, Georgia

"They look spectacular"

I live in Los Angeles and wanted to set up a Mbuna tank. The selection here in Los Angeles I found to be very limited so I went on line, i was very pleased when I went to cichlidexpress. Billy was extrmemely helpful and returned all my phone calls and email and there were quite a few in the selection process. i purchased 35 fish that he shipped from Florida at noon and i had them in Los Angeles by 9:00 that evening. Pick up was 3 miles from my house (Good Job Billy) and they look spectacular. I can not say enough about Daytona Aquarium and Billy except that I will do all my fish ordering from Billy. Thanks Again

- Eddie, Los Angeles

"The order came in perfect"

Being a new hobbyist, I wasnt sure what to expect. Billy was so helpful in sending me picture after picture of fish. after a few days of emailing back and forth, I was finally ready to order. I ordered 6 beautiful fish. The order came in perfect, the fish did very good in the new envirement . Thank you Billy. I will definitely order again.

- Wanita, New York

"I’m glad I made the trip"

This is my first experience with African Cichlids. After hours of researching fish, equipment, etc. online, I decided I had to have a bunch of the beautiful blue and black striped demasoni. I set up a new 55 gallon tank, and while waiting an endless 6 weeks for it to cycle, searched around for a place to buy them. Not available in Jacksonville, but I came across several positive reviews about this place in Daytona that specializes in cichlids. Sent an email with a couple questions and received a prompt, friendly reply from Billy. When my tank was finally cycled, I made the 1 ½ hour drive down to Daytona. I’m glad I made the trip. Billy and Gary were so helpful—I was there for more than 2 hours looking at the amazing selection of beautiful fish, asking questions, and taking advantage of their years of experience to get as much advice as I could. In all, I bought 29 fish, including a dozen demasoni and various compatible Mbuna tankmates, plecos and catfish. All are settled into their new home, happy and healthy, but if I have questions or run into any problems, I know who to call. Gary even gives out his cell phone number in case of an emergency – now that’s real customer service!

- Susan, Florida

"Keep up the good work"

Hi Billy thank you for your great service. All 4 fish are doing well in their new home here in LA. I'm very satisfied these boys are very nice. Thanks again keep up the good work

- Brian, California

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